Four years after the World IPv6 Launch I wonder how the world of the web looks through the IPv6-only lens. Let's find out!

# ip a d dev enp2s0

So where do I start out? Uh, well. Ah, maybe there is an IPv6 Subreddit. Let's see...

Excellent! Let's get some news and comments about IPv6!

Oh well, that trip ended quite soon. Maybe I'll just read about tech...

Didn't they run a series about IPv6? Well, let's look at what my friends are up to.

Hm. This is unsatisfactory. I should buy some shit. Let's see if I have still some money from that refund to burn through.

Well, maybe I'll just browse.

I could sell something I don't need!

I see, I see. I should do something productive. I wanted to search for a solution for that unit test I needed to write. Let's see.

Uhm, well. I guess I should just update the README file for my project.

Oh come on! This is exhausting. Enough for today, just going to watch some videos about big explosions and cats, and then I'll hit the sack.


Please don't kill me!

It is a bit sad that so few of the bigger sites I frequent support IPv6. And yes, there are probably some hard engineering problems behind that, or just some harsh, cold business realities. You can't really make money with IPv6. On the plus side: It seems that you can't spend a lot of money in the IPv6 sphere either. It is also quite distraction free.